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Knowing the condition of a multi-unit building like an apartment building before procurement pays a high dividend and saves you from incurring a huge loss. Apartment building inspections are very valuable in determining the overall state of the building. It involves a comprehensive assessment of the building to determine the possible repairs needed.

If you need an expert home inspector to run a comprehensive apartment building inspection, providing you with a precise estimate of the required repairs, you will need a qualified home inspector you can trust. We have the skilled staff and the experience to deliver the required quality and professionalism. Vinson Home Inspections can give you quality services; we offer multi-unit building inspections like duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes, and apartment building inspections in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

“First I want to say how important it is to get a home inspection. You are purchasing a very big investment. It’s good to invest into that investment. My husband and I really enjoyed working with both Mark and Lisa. They are very helpful, knowledgeable and easy to work with. Mark does a very detailed report and it is easy to read. I know I have heard of some companies getting a report to you the same day but how detailed can that report really be? We got the report the next day which was very fast and well worth the “wait”. We knew exactly what we were getting into and that was very comforting for being a first-time home buyer. 20/10 can’t recommend enough!” – Review of Vinson Home Inspections By Haley Firth

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home inspection salt Lake city, utWhy Choose Us? It’s simple. We inspect your new home and provide you with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Buying or selling in the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah is made easier with Vinson Home Inspections. Choosing us means choosing over 19-years of professional experience. Our company aims to provide the best home inspection services with the best value, and we have held up to our client’s expectations since 2002.

Because choosing the right home inspector is as important as choosing the right home, let our Salt Lake City home inspectors keep you from buying the Money Pit. We want you to be educated in your buying and selling decisions.

We have been delivering the highest standards and providing professional service to all our customers since Day 1. We are Vinson Home Inspections, your trusted home inspection Salt Lake City UT company, and we are here to help.

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