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Vinson Home Inspection Services Home Inspection Salt Lake City UTPerhaps you don’t know what a home inspection is. You may have read about it somewhere, or you may have had a home inspection done before. You’ve probably heard of someone getting an inspection. Or someone who has solid facts about the benefits of a home inspection to the home buying or the selling process. Whatever you may know about the home inspection, one thing is for sure – our home inspection in Salt Lake City, UT, while not mandatory, but is NECESSARY.

But first, let’s talk about what it is so later you’ll understand what it isn’t. Below are the items usually inspected during the home inspection.

  1. Heating system
  2. Central air conditioning system (temperature permitting)
  3. Interior plumbing and electrical systems
  4. Roof
  5. Attic, including visible insulation
  6. Walls
  7. Ceilings
  8. Floors
  9. Windows and doors
  10. Foundation
  11. Basement
  12. Structural components

What It Is

A home inspection is a non-invasive examination of the physical conditions of a home. Typically, the inspection can last 2 to 5 hours. The duration is dependent on the age, condition, and size of the home. Also, weather conditions can affect the inspection. In some parts of the region, the entire job, or just the roof inspection, may have to be postponed.

A general home inspection typically covers the following components of the home:

  1. Foundation – Our licensed home inspection Salt Lake City UT home inspector will examine and look for cracks or settling. Any damage to the foundation can impact the structural integrity of the home. The licensed home inspector examines this area to ensure that there are no leaks or water accumulation in or around the foundation/basement.
  2. Driveway and sidewalk – the inspection takes into account the exterior, including the driveway and sidewalk looking for settling, cracks, and proper grading for drainage.
  3. Roof – one of the most essential parts of a home is the roof. It is the first to make contact with weather conditions, so any damage to the roof can affect the whole house. The home inspector will examine the overall integrity of the roof to determine an ideal of the age, the condition of the roof, number of layers of shingles, and that there are no faulty flashing, broken shingles, or other issues that could undermine the roof.
  4. Exterior – the exterior includes the siding, doors, windows, decks, porches, and garage. The inspector will look for evidence of wood rot, mold, structural and safety issues, as termite infestation, moisture issues, anything that can affect the exterior of the home.
  5. Attic – the inspector will examine the attic to ensure proper insulation and ventilation, as well as check for moisture, pest, or animal intrusion.
  6. Interiors – this includes outlets, fixtures, walls, doors, and other components inside the home.
  7. Basement – like the attic, the basement is one of the least maintained parts of the home. Problems such as water leaks, termite infestations, and mold growth are quite common in this area.
  8. Utilities – the inspector will examine the electrical systems to ensure that there are no faulty wiring and subpar electrical systems, that can pose a health or safety risk.
  9. Plumbing – water should be available in almost every part of the home. The inspector checks the plumbing systems, including water pressure, hot and cold, sinks, bathroom tubs and showers, lines and pipes, and other areas where water runs. 
  10. Appliance – testing and confirming the working conditions of appliances.
  11. HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – HVAC is a required industry standard as it provides heating and cooling to the home or building. The HVAC is also one of the most significant parts of the inspection.

In general, the Home Inspection Salt Lake City, UT, will give you information about the property so you can make your most informed real estate decision. The home inspector will provide a comprehensive, detailed, narrative report that highlights both positive and negative parts of the property. Choosing to have it performed, whether you are buying or are the one selling the home, is a good recommendation.

“Vinson Home Inspections was great!

I love how they walked me through each of the potential problems with the house we are buying. The inspector was much more thorough than we had been checking things on our own and he discovered some things like cracked roof tiles and leaky faucets, as well as trees we should removed to prevent future damage to the house. I would highly recommend them!” – Review of Vinson Home Inspections By Robin M. King

What A Home Inspection Isn’t

home inspection salt lake city utThe home inspection industry has been running for decades now. However, there still exist myths that surround the idea of a home inspection. Often, those who wonder if it’s even worth it are the ones who would likely skip and eventually regret it down the road.

Here at Vinson Home inspections Service, we have listed some of the common misconceptions about home inspection and why they are considered myths.

  1.  It’s The Same As A Municipal Building Inspection.

No, it is not. A municipal building inspection assesses the building’s compliance with standard codes, which is the minimum requirement.  A home inspection goes beyond that. As a matter of fact, it examines all components of the property, including the exterior. Besides, a home inspector focuses on a single home every day, unlike a municipal inspection, which could inspect up to 20 to 40 properties in a day, compromising quality control.

  1. A Home Inspection Is A Pass/Fail Examination.

No, it’s never a pass/fail but it is a valuable inspection of the readily available components of the home. A home inspection will always reveal problems, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world either. Whatever the results are, Vinson Home inspections Service will only help you move forward on what to do next.

  1. Newly Constructed Homes Don’t Need A Home Inspection.

A big YES, THEY DO! Most new construction issues, unless inspected and addressed, can go unnoticed for years. Some problems may even lead to serious issues. Even so, others can end up being costly or beyond repair.

  1. A Home Inspection Is A Deal Killer.

Is a home inspection a deal killer? Of course not! A home inspection will always reveal problems, whether it’s a new home or many years old. The good thing about our home inspection services in the Salt Lake City area is that it provides you with the information on the home, which can help you decide how you want to move forward with the sale. 

For a seller, you can fix any issues beforehand without rushing and paying too much. That way, buyers will be more confident about the home, seeing the due diligence on the seller’s side. For buyers, knowledge is power, and knowing the home has been inspected is a positive point.

We all know that buying a home is not always a smooth journey. It’s not like purchasing a piece of clothing and then returning it just because it doesn’t fit. Most people who thought of skipping the home inspection either ended up regretting losing thousands of dollars, time, and heartbreak down the road. If you skip the inspection, you could miss out on the most significant things you need to know about the home. Big decisions should not be decided on face value, all the more if it’s an expensive investment and a great opportunity like buying a home. The overall look of the home you plan to purchase definitely matters, but that’s cosmetic. However, once you get inside and realize you are having unpleasant surprises, the beauty outside will no longer be so attractive.

Home Inspection is Not Mandatory But NECESSARY!

It’s true that the home inspection is not mandatory and is an additional expense on top of the other real estate costs. The expense of the home inspection in salt Lake City UT, however, is only a fraction of the thousands you are about to save in the long run. Those who choose to conduct a home inspection can attest to the benefits it can offer, whether you are a seller or a buyer. That is what we, at Vinson Home inspections Service provides with our home inspection in salt Lake City UT, and the surrounding areas. We want to offer you the Peace Of Mind you deserve.

Our 5 Star Home Inspection Review

home inspection salt Lake city, utWhy Choose Us? It’s simple. We inspect your new home and provide you with the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Buying or selling in the Greater Salt Lake City, Utah is made easier with Vinson Home Inspections. Choosing us means choosing over 19-years of professional experience. Our company aims to provide the best home inspection services with the best value, and we have held up to our client’s expectations since 2002.

Because choosing the right home inspector is as important as choosing the right home, let our Salt Lake City home inspectors keep you from buying the Money Pit. We want you to be educated in your buying and selling decisions.

We have been delivering the highest standards and providing professional service to all our customers since Day 1. We are Vinson Home Inspections, your trusted home inspection Salt Lake City UT company, and we are here to help.

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