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Before signing off on the contract, it’s a great idea to know about the previous residents and the home’s history. What you assume to be a haven for you and your family could potentially put everyone in danger. As a smart Salt Lake City, UT, homebuyer, you’ll want to go beyond the typical Pre-Purchase Home Inspection by including Meth Testing on your list to check for any trace of contamination. 

Methamphetamine, also known as Meth, is a potent central nervous system stimulant. This drug is one of the most well-known illicit drugs in the world. Homes or apartments that have gone undetected as meth labs leave unsuspecting new homeowners or tenants susceptible to major health risks. Dangerous chemicals can seep into furnishings, carpets, walls, ceilings, and insulation. 

There are obvious signs of Meth presence. Older homes may smell musty, but a Meth- contaminated home leaves a signature pungent smell. Look out for unusual and suspicious smells within the home. Meth may lurk anywhere, so be very cautious. If you discover that a property is reeking of methamphetamine, how you can move forward may depend on the level of Meth in the area. Under those circumstances, you will then know how much you will need to clean it up.

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Need to know if methamphetamine contamination is present? Sometimes the only way to tell if a home has meth contamination is to test. The good news is the house can be cleaned up. With our Meth Testing Service, we will help you understand the possibilities and as well as the risks.

A growing number of Utah real estate agents and their clients request meth-contamination testing, preferring to know about possible contamination during the home inspection. People also don’t realize that just smoking meth can contaminate the house. We conduct swab tests in at least three 10-by-10-centimeter spots in a home. We send them to a lab, and if the swabs test positive for more than one microgram of Meth per 100 square centimeters, state law requires the house should be cleaned and decontaminated. 

Be sure to back up your health and safety plan. Schedule your Meth Testing service now to save you and your family from health risks and unforeseen financial mistakes. It’s a good idea to check out any possible contamination during the home inspection. 

In today’s world, we no longer ask for good; we want only the best possible solutions to the presence of Meth in our homes.  

Ensure that the place you will soon call home is safe from health hazard conditions before you sign off on the dotted line. 

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